Indexing and Barcoding of Patient records

The process of tagging/indexing is an integral part of any archiving and record management strategic solution.

We offer cutting-edge 'barcoding and RFID solutions' for tagging and indexing patient records using various aspects of patient demographics such as NHSID, Patient Surname, Forename and DOB to effectively manage the movement, filing, storage, archiving, retention and retrieval of patient records. Our proposed solution is barcode driven, which enables the patient records to be fully tracked, easily located and retrieved.

As part of our services, each medical record, box and shelf location will have a barcode attached to it. All physical patient records are assigned to a specific location, which could either be a filing cabinet, records room, office or in the shelf/aisle of a third-party warehouse. Once the patient records have been tagged, they can then be registered at a location simply by scanning its barcode identification label, enabling the medical records to be tracked within the system using barcode scanners. Patient with multiple medical records are grouped together to form a single bundle and will have the same label on each of the associated record/file. This will help the practice/trust in identifying all records/files belonging to a single patient and storing them together after retrieving them from the shelves.

Our Process

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