Digital Dictation and Voice Recognition

It’s pouring digital!!

As the future of dictation systems is changing rapidly, the days of costly, inefficient and unreliable tape based systems are drawing to an end. With the advent of ultra modern and smart digital recording and advanced workflow/transmission options available, the days of analogue cassettes has become a thing of the past. The future definitely belongs to the ‘Digital’ Professionals.

Our leading-edge Digital Dictation and Workflow Management solution is a direct result of logical evolution from popular traditional, expensive and high maintenance analogue dictation systems. Our solution offers a revolutionary new way of creating, accessing, managing, processing, distributing and transcribing medical dictations, thereby rapidly increasing the document creation Turn-Around-Time. This has been achieved by using the latest, cutting-edge digital technologies that enable dictations to be managed intelligently by automatically sending them to the secretaries or outsourced partners, irrespective of their geographical location.

Switching over from Analogue to Digital has never been so easy. As your partner in transformation, we will work closely with you to guide you through every step of the way to make this transition a smooth and pleasurable experience. Compounded with our expertise in project management, consultancy, integration, Implementation, training and support, we offer a full package. We aim to provide an end-to-end digital dictation and workflow management solution that takes care of all aspects of clinical correspondence creation, right from dictations’ creation phase to the distribution of the final documents created during this process. Our solution endeavours to fulfil all of our client's expectations and requirements from an industry leading solution. We are always looking to push the boundaries by researching into the latest technologies to design and implement the 'right solution' for our clients. MediTech Solutions possesses state-of-art development facilities with the 'Next-Generation' solutions designed by implementing the latest cutting edge technologies. And combined these with our highly skilled and trained workforce, we fully meet the unique requirements of our clients in business process outsourcing.

Key Benefits:

Feature-Rich Solution with End User’s Perspective

With our solution, we have managed to perfect the critical balance between technology and end users’ experience for ease of use through intuitive yet self explanatory user interfaces. And this is because the application has been developed by keeping the end-users in mind

Effective Worksharing

Our system encourages information sharing and promotes effective teamworking and worksharing instantly and securely amongst a pool of medical secretaries that could be based on a single or multiple sites


The multi-tier architecture of our application enables the data layer containing sensitive information to be separate and hence inaccessible from the front-end presentation layer. Also all files within our system, whether audio (dictations) or finished reports, are encrypted for added security. This makes our solution highly secure and provides that much needed peace of mind to our clients that the data is safe and secure.


We have gone that extra mile to ensure that our digital dictation solution supports most of the leading Operating systems/platforms and is compatible with all leading manufacturers of digital hardware. This ensures that our clients can start enjoying the functional benefits with minimal initial investment upfront or making significant changes in their infrastructure

Scalability and Reliability

Our solution has been designed to adapt and grow inline with our client’s business, hence can work successfully with a single user to several hundred users. A single install for our application ensures a simple and easy installation process for additional users and sites. The system includes ability to recover and reconnect sessions between the client and the server to ensure no information is lost upon unexpected interruption in a user session, thereby making the system available at all times with consistent performance and results.

Flexibility and Customisation

We are particularly proud of the flexibility and level of customisation offered by our solution. Our customised solution is designed to fit right in with our client’s operational practice and network infrastructure with the aim to automate and streamline the most complicated of the documentation workflows, right from the creation of dictations through to the automated distribution of final reports in the most secure, controlled and cost-effective way.

The Changing face of Healthcare Industry

With new challenges on the horizon such as the 18-week target for patient pathways including documentation turnaround, practice-based commissioning and GP Out-of-Hours services, there is immense pressure on healthcare organisations and service level managers to meet these tight targets. With diminishing budgets, tighter timelines and ever increasing expectations, all NHS organisations are under immense pressure to cut costs to save money right across the board. Primary and Secondary care organisations are required to find new ways to ensure maximum value is achieved from all investments while achieving significantly higher Return-On-Investment (ROI) and a quick Turn-Around-Time for all patient correspondence.

Digital dictation offers an entirely electronic platform for recording, distribution, storage, management and transcribing of patient episodes and clinical correspondence. This provides the perfect solution to the problem that has dogged NHS for decades and provides significant Return-On-Investment (ROI) for the trust in a very short timespan, helping them to overcome those financial pressures while still delivering the same high standard of patient care.

Intelligently Managed Workflow

We are particularly proud of the flexibility and level of customisation offered by our solution. This has been made possible because at the core of our solution, is present an intelligent Workflow process, which automatically manages the flow of dictations electronically across LANs, WANs or the Internet, depending upon the workpool settings for any user. Our collaborative workflow supports restructuring in resources and the push to increase productivity. We have built our Enterprise Edition to be easy-to-use, intuitive to administer and flexible for customising for any type and size of organisation.

The flow of files can be easily customised to meet individual user’s requirement by simple configuration of our Workflow Manager on the basis of users’ profile, speciality, department or any other bespoke criteria.

Our unique and intelligent workflow management feature enables to:

  • Automatic assignment of the audio files coming from various clinicians to the medical secretaries in accordance to the pre-defined rules.
  • Settings configuration to determine which secretary is to receive dictations from a particular clinician.
  • It also helps determine the complete life cycle (number of levels/tiers) for the document creation process

Speech Recognition

Our digital dictation and workflow management solution now comes fully integrated with Speech Recognition and supports both client-side and server-side speech-to-text conversion. We have successfully incorporated Dragon Medical as the voice recognition engine from Nuance with our solution. Our workflow management system contains an embedded voice recognition module, which automatically transcribes all voice files uploaded to the system. The result is a unique package and allows any voice file that is stored to be transcribed. This technology is delivered at the most cost effective prices for healthcare organisations.

Mobile Dictation

The freedom to work from anywhere and anytime

Our mobile dictation solution provides you the freedom and capability to work with the same efficiency, even when you are on the move. Our portable mobile dictation offers all of the functionality of the conventional digital dictation solution, enabling users to perform all their tasks and work normally. Hence, the users will be able to record, allocate, send and monitor dictations when and wherever needed in a fully secured manner.

When it comes to Mobile Dictation – our Digital Software will adapt to all Mobiles – be it Blackberry, Smart Phones, iphones or even pocket PCs.

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