Digital Scanning of Lloyd George Patient records

Are you on track to be paper-free or are you suffering from that never ending paper stream in all those Lloyd George patient records and wasting valuable time, effort, space and money in organising and maintaining them?

Our Solution

Our clinical data management services can help you…… by digitising those medical records to create an electronic version of that physical paper record. Digitising your patient records will not only help you deliver safer patient care but also increase productivity within the practice while getting you on track with achieving your targets of becoming paperless by 2024.

Our digital transformation team will take care of all aspects of the digitisation process for you. From packaging, barcoding and collection of patient records to high volumes scanning using the most advanced scanners in a state-of-the-art facility.

The Benefits

Digitisation of patient records will help you create an electronic version of that legacy paper record, unleashing great benefits to your practice:

Helping you deliver safer patient care

Providing instant access to all that critical clinical information anytime and anywhere while making important decisions about patient treatment

Increased productivity and operational efficiency

Enhanced productivity at all levels within your practice by saving countless hours in having to trawl through endless pages when looking for critical clinical information

Enhanced readability of old paper sheets

Provide better readability of the old papers in patient records, which continue to age and further deteriorate over time, making it difficult to decipher the information on those sheets.

Delivering Digital First Primary care

Enabling practices to deliver the objective of NHS Digital of providing patients access to their electronic patient records.

Making valuable office space available

With paper records being removed, large spaces are made available back to the practice for more mundane patient centric activities.

Information being stored and disposed securely

Scanning the patient records provides a secure way to store information in a digital format that protect against any data loss due to theft or destruction of those physical records

Achieving Compliance

Helping the practice to meet their obligations under any or all Information Governance regulations or GDPR guidelines

Reduced costs

Significantly reduction in costs to maintain, store and organise patient records.

ON-Site Scanning

We also operate mobile scanning units which can come to your practice and operate from the practice site itself. Our digital transformation team are fully equipped and self-sufficient in bringing our own necessary equipment including industrial strength scanner and computers. All we need is access to patient records and a small room with a couple of tables and chairs for our operations. This way the patient records never leave the GP practice, who has full access to all the records throughout the entire digitisation process. We work in stealth mode to cause minimum interruption to the normal day-to-day running of the practice.

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